torsdag 5. mai 2016

Bars, cookies and vitamins! :D :D YUMMI and HEALTHY!!!

This week I got theese products from iherb! :D

Enjoy life foods has lots of yummi stuff!
I bought myself a box with bars with cherry flavour for the first time!
It tasted different than what I thought! I am not sure yet what I think!
Also got theese bars,again!! :D :D Theese are GOOOOOOD!!!! :D :D
And some cookies! I had to order theese again! Very good!!
Great snacks!!

Aromatherapy pads! :D
Here are their other stuff!!

I have been told that theese B12 vitamins  is the best on iherb, I purchase in cherry flavour! :D
Take a look at their other products here!:D


If you are interested in the brand Azelique,take a look here  25% off!! :D

Today you can get lip balm 8 pack! from Sierra Bees for only 1 dollar! :D

20 % off this week on theese brands! :D :D

Take care!! :D :D

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