lørdag 9. april 2016

Yummi,healthy stuff and some discounts! :D :D

This week I got 3 boxes from iherb! :D :D


First out theese favorites! :D :D


In the easter week they sold Earth Mama lotion for 5 dollar each,so I grabbed myself 2 bottles!! :D :D
Hubby very happy man!!! :D :D

 Box number 2, check them out here!

I bought a box with 5 bars from Atkins for my mother in law!
Since I am allergic to SOY, I cant eat them!! I have no idea if they are good or not!
She like both chocolate and hazelnut, so thats why I bought this box!! Hope she likes them!!
Click here to see what other flavours iherb sell!! :D :D


I also got myself a bottle with lavender oil and a bottle with avocado oil from Now Foods!
Iherb sell heeps of other bottles in the aromatherapy area,see here!!
And heeps of massage oils!! Maybe you will find yourself a favorite!! :D :D
( this one, is great for removing eye makeup )

My favorite toothpaste and deodorant!

Box number 3, see here! :D :D
Vitamin D 
They have other vitamins as well,check them out here!
Theese ones are on sale! :D :D


Theese has become favorites aswell! YUMMI, YUMMI!!

Iherb has 20% off of a few brands this week! :D :D

Get Vitamin C for only 1 dollar!! :D :D

Are you intrested in fish oil? Take a look here!! :D :D

Shop Clearance and save up to 60% off our everyday low prices!

Hope you found something you like! :D :D


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