fredag 18. mars 2016

Some of my favorite skin care products!:)

Hi today I will share with you some of my favorite products ,theese products are without
See them here!

This shampoo and body wash are my favorite it the shower!
Mild orange scent, bottle contains over 300 pumps.
Safe, Organic Liquid Castile Soap for Bath, Shower, Hand Washing and Baby Shampoo

My hubby actually use this lotion in his face, it is his favorite!
I use it on my body! It is a help for my itchy skin!
The bottle last long!

This stretch oil helpes on really dry skin! I have used in on my breast!
This also helps on expanding belly and thighs or use as a moisturizer for legs after shaving.
( have'nt tried that )

This bottom spray is a really funny product!
GREAT after waxing my legs! LOVE!!!!!!! I dont get red after I have use this!!!
 Its really cools down,
even "down there" Great for mother to be!

Great products for both mums and babies!!:D

Its 20% off Earth Mama Angel Baby products this week!!:D :D

This toner is good,really good!
It helps calm, soothe & reduce signs of redness, irritations, clogged & enlarged pores, oily t-zone build-up & all types of blemishing (chronic & cystic)
If you have sunburn,it helps on that to!:)

Haven't found your perfect eye balm yet??? here it is!!!
Great eye night balm!

Click here
to see Earth Mama's other products!

Click here
to check out the other products of Suki!

Hope you found something you like!

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