lørdag 5. mars 2016

Long time, no see!!:))))

Hi,I haven't postet anything here for over a year!
I dont know why, I will try and be better at this!:)

My latest snacks from iherb!
Theese are so yummi!
No soy!✔
No canola!✔
No gluten!✔
Get them here!

Theese brownies from Purebar is the best bars ever!!
I haven't got a clue how many times I have ordered theese!
I always make sure that they always are in my frigde:)
Click here to check out their other flavours!
I also have a soft spot for Enjoy Life's cookies, they have a lot to choose from!!


Her is also a order I did a while back!
Get them here!
Just Tomatoes Etc has many products to choose from,just see here!
I have tried some, and I liked them!
A bit funny taste, but you get use to it!
Babyganics,get them here!
Lot of cool products!
I bought one of these and you get a refill to it, over twice as much!
I have a few of theese around the house and you can get a refill aswell on this one!:)

Take care, someone will always care!

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