lørdag 26. mars 2016

Its been too long!

I haven't forgotten my blog, I have had to much going on lately!
Since last time I blogged I have purchased a bit!
( you can see everything on my instagram! )

Iherb boxes x 3

First package: Check them out here!
Larabars cashew cookie and Yummy Earth snacks have I bought before and I liked them then and I still like them! :)
Methods cleaning spray is great to clean the kitchen surfaces with, great smell, not nasty like most cleaning spray!


Second package can you check out here!
I had to have a second spray,  so I bought one with clementine scent!
I'm using this one in the bathroom!
I had to restock Ghee butter, great to have in your frying pan when you are making dinner, etc, etc!
Restock with my all favorite toothpaste, chocolate and smoothie snacks! 
Also bought a dish soap refill for my favorite dish soap, in this you get twice as much dish soap! :)


Third package can you see here!
Restock on the best natural deodorant I have tried and of course my fav chocolates 
( cant get to much of them! )
And some new products,  that I haven't tried before, soap, shampoo and conditioner from EO, all of them smell good! Cant wait to try them! 
The shampoo and conditioner promise volume to your hair and I will believe it when I see it!


I will try to blog a bit more I've missed it
Till next time, take care cause someone always care!

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