tirsdag 7. oktober 2014

Iherb x 2! Yummi stuff!

Hi! Long time no see!!

Theese days I am sick, so therefor my blogging has been like zero!
So I have decided to post out my iherb x 2 in one post!
First out!
This is what I got a while ago!
1. Love the taste on this Questbar! New favorite?
2. Great mango/banana yoghurt smoothie!
3. Had to have more Ghee butter!
4. I forgot to read ingredients list on this dish soap, but I like it anyway,
it contains SLS! Love the smell on this one, I asked my hubby what smell he thought
it was and he said, strawberry?? LOL!
5. Restock on my favorite butter!
6. My hubby needed his deodorant!
7. Restock on the toothbrush sanitizer!


 Yesterday I got this:
1. Amazingly zummi carrot cake bar!
2. Restock on my favorite crunhy clusters!
3. Real Techniques all new brushes! (LOVE)!
4. 2 x Peter Rabbit fruit snacks!


Hope to see you soon and I hope I get better soon!
Take care, cause someone will always care! 

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