lørdag 26. mars 2016

I had to restock some iherb products!:)

Here is what I got this time!:)

In my last order I purchased a bag with Now Foods Crunchy Clusters, you can
get it here!
I ate them up pretty fast since they are very yummi! So I had to order it again,LOL!
Its dry-roasted nuts together with cranberries and blueberries and they are yummi!!
I eat them alone or with my oatmeal and raspberry milk!

Nature's Answers Liquid Omega 3 Deep Sea Oil with orange flavor!
This bottle have I bought, I dont know how many times theese last years!
My hubby hates fish oil, but not this one! I,  myself gets fish oil breath when I 
take any of the fish oil we have in the norwegian stores! Not this one!
I am so glad that I have found this at Iherb and that it this comes in a big bottle!
We have not had a cold for as long I can remember!
Remember to take fish oil every day all year to stay clear of the flu or cold!:)

Last box I got from iherb I got two jars from the brand Simply Organic, theese ones!
They have a lot of spices, this time I bought paprika
All three of them a very good spices and I am definitely gonna buy more spices from Simply Organic!
And theese jars are looking good in my kitchen shelf too!!:)

Last I reordered Citrus Magic Spot and Stain Remover! I use it to clean everywhere
and its great on difficult spots! I have removed blood from clothes and anyone
knows that blood its very hard to  get off!
Great scent on this one too!


Hope everyone has a great August, untill next time:
Take care, cause someone always cares!

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