lørdag 26. mars 2016

Weleda toothpaste ♥

Last week I got this toothpaste in my iherbpackage!
I have used this for a couple of years no have tried some others, but I always comes back to this toothpaste! 
First time I used it, I got a bit "sick" when I saw the colour on this one,lol! Its brown!!

I dont know why I choosed this one of all the other toothpaste without fluoride! 
Maybe it is the blue colour on the box on this one ( its my favorite colour beside purple )

Anyway, the taste of this is strange, I cant descripe it! Its not strong and its fresh!
My dentist has actually commend that my teeth had never seen healthier and been stronger
than they are now! So something good has this toothpaste done too my teeth!
Before I had bad breathe and my mouth and teeth actually hurt, but that stopped after I 
started using this!
This toothpaste is my friend for life ♥

You can get it here!
Click here to see what else Weleda has to offer!

Take care, cause someone always care ♥

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