onsdag 4. juni 2014

Now essentials oils

I had to restock my two of my favorite oils!
Now essiental oils has the best oils, I really love that brand!

When it comes to Frankincense oil, I prefer the one without 20% oil blend,  but iherb has discontinued that oil :( I have no reason why!

I have wrote about theese oils before, I use them to massage my feet when they are sore and need some TLC :D 

I put some Jojoba oil ( as base oil ), a bit of myrrh oilfrankincense oil and a four, five drops of peppermint oil into an empty bottle and I have that for some weeks till I blend some more oil again, much easier than to blend it together every day!

When it comes to scent, neither one of them smells good ( in my nose  ) in a aromtherapy way! 
But for massage they are fantastic! They really does the job when it comes to working
on my muscles! They dont cost as much either, 8.40 USD for myrrh and 7.63 USD for frankincense :)

Anyway, stay tune for my next review about more of the products that I got, check my instagram picture if you cant wait :)

Use my code WQM822 for up to 10 off of your first order :)

                               Take care, cause someone will always care ♥

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