lørdag 26. mars 2016

Got a box from iherb on my doorstep today :)

I got all theese on my doorstep today,check them out here!

Purity Farms Ghee butter is great, I will continue to buy it!
Easy to cook with,healthy!

Crystal Essence deodorant is the far best I have tried, last a whole day!
Keeps my armpit fresh all day, it has a fresh scent that I actually dont mind ( I always use unscented )
I had a iherbfavorite before, Thai, but Crystal Essence is far better!
GOODBYE Thai, HELLO Crystal Essence!!

I bought the Magnesium caps because I have a tingeling feeling in my leg and I think
it has to do with my surgeries! Its very hard starting to walk again and I guess my legs dont cope with that,LOL! I have taken Magnesium before with positive efect!

I am still searching for the best haircare and without soy!
I have read many great reviews about Govanni haircare, but they use soy in some of their products, so I was very pleased that I found theese two!
I have two favorites at iherb so far and that is Mill Creek shampoo and conditioner!
My hair gets soft,shiny and feels healthy when I use them! And they smell heavently!

Use my code WQM822 for up to 10 off your first order :)
                                                                               Stay safe!

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