lørdag 26. mars 2016

Bobble water filters

I finally ordered some new filters for our Bobble bottles, I buy them from myblueyellow on ebay!

Check them out here, you can get them in almost any colour you want :)
Their shop has 100 % feedback which is the best a ebayer shop can have,
I have bought filters from them for 2 years now, I think,  I am very pleased
with their quick responses, fast delivery and I highly recommend them!

They are BPA free!
The carbon-based filter reduce odor, chlorine, and organic contaminants from
regular municipal tap water.

Here in Norway we have a good quality on the water, so I dont know how the filters
are on bad tap water, but I have read many good reviews about the filters and how they
are on bad waters!

Here are a picture of our water bottles bought at myblue and yellow on ebay! 
You can get them here! Again they have lots of bottles to choose from, colours,
sizes,shapes, you name it!

Hope you liked this review!

They also have a website www.myblueandyellow.com
Check it out!

Take care, cause someone always care ♥

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