onsdag 7. mai 2014

Theese iherb products landed on my doorstep today ♥

This chocolate taste heavently :)
Its my favourite beside Rapunzel chocolate with hazelnuts (I have wrote about it before)
Its white chocolate, but its not white like regular chocolate if you know what I mean..

The description says :
Sweetened with Coconut Crystals
No Cane Sugar
Low Glycemic
USDA Organic
Fair Trade Certified Ingredients
Non GMO Project Certified
Decadently Crunchy Without the Sugar Rush!
A magical fusion of single-origin, non-deodorized Dominican white 
chocolate with Coconut and low glycemic Coconut Crystals. 
Due to the true tan color of the Coconut Crystals, our white chocolate is not 'white' at all! 
Don't be surprised when you open the wrapper ~ we promise the taste will 
exceed your expectations!
Inspired by our dream to create healthy snacks for our diabetic parents...

It taste a bit different that other chocolate I have tried, but it is VERY good :)
I also love that it is soy-free, soy is poison for me since I have low thyroid, I can get very sick if
I eat something with soy!
Thumbs up for this one, order it if you love white chocolate and coconut :)

Questbar with white chocolate raspberry was good, very good! I have tasted 2 others 
from Questbar before..
I have tried the one with banana taste and the one with brownies taste, 
I must say that this one is the best of the ones I have tried, brownies on second place and 
banana on third place :)

The description says:
20 g Protein
Only 5 g Net Carbs
Only 1 g Sugar
High Fiber
No Gluten Containing Ingredients
No Sugar Added
They said that this protein bar couldn't be made but we finally did it.
It's delicious food packed with protein that makes no compromises.
Just read our ingredients and you'll see.
The only protein bar with a perfect nutritional profile.
You are intense
You are obsessed
You are not normal
You say yes when other say no
You rise while other sleep
You are better today than yesterday
You do what others will not
You control yours destiny
You are on a Quest
Never Stop

Its is 17 flavours to choose from, the only downside about theese is that they come in 
12 bars so is very boring if you dont like the flavours you have bought! 
But I know if you check out their homepage you can buy 1 bar of each of the flavours and 
when you know whitch one you like you can buy the one with 12 bars 
knowing that you have not have throwed your money out the window :)
BTW, if you warm the bars in your microwave for about 10 -15 seconds, they taste heavently :)

I hope that you has gotten some ideas from this post, untill next time , stay safe ♥
New to iherb? Use my code WQM822 for up to 10 off and you will get your own code to 
share with your own friends, family, strangers etc, etc ♥

You can get the chocolate here and see the Questbars flavours here, enjoy :)

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