lørdag 12. april 2014

Cotton cloths Morihata ♥

Some time ago I posted theese beauty's on my instagram account, I bought theese at the norwegian website pureskin.no!
They reposted the picture on their instagram account and on facebook!
Theese cotton clothes (the blue one and pink one) removes makeup very good and they are very easy to clean after, one time a week I wash them in the washing machine on 40 -60°! They are squeeky clean afterwards:)
I have tried Jane Iredale's magic mitt and I liked that one too, but I cant seem to get that squeeky clean like theese beauty's from Morihata!!
The black one is for your body, it is a scrub towel and I have only used it once
because of a sudden foot surgery! 
When I tried it, I was a bit "what"?? very strange since I 'm used to scrub my body with MD Formulations body scrub!
But it was a nice suprise and I am going too use it after my surgeon gives me yes you can shower again!! :)
I dont know where you can buy Morihata products other than here ,
but I am sure they sell it other places in the world :)
www.pureskin.no has a easter sale now, so free shipping my norwegian readers :)

Untill next time, stay safe my friends ♥♡♥
                                       HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

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