mandag 12. januar 2015

Hi all!

Long time no see! Happy new year!

It has been a bit slow on the shopping front here!
I am a bit disappointed with iherb about their new shipping policy so therefor
I been searching to find a similar site to iherb! And I did!

Their products are a bit affordable than iherb,so you will save a bit!
I will continued to buy form iherb, but if it is cheaper on vitacost I will buy it there

Use this link to get 10 off your first order if you buy something over $30!

This was my first order:

I found out that I could save a bit in shipping when I ordered ghee on vitacost!
I got 2 ghee for less shipping that I would get from iherb,me like!
I also tried some new protein bars! Amrita Mango Coconut was very good
(I ordered 3) But Sqare bar wasn't that good!

Click on the pictures if you will find them on vitacost!

If you want to buy ghee on iherb instead you can do it here!

I have just placed another order from Vitacost and saved some money than what I would have done with iherb!

Take care cause someone cares!

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