onsdag 6. august 2014

I finally got some iherb boxes again!

Hi,I have finally got my 3 packages from iherb!

First up is: theese ones!

Reorder of Citrus Magic dish washing liquid, nice scent!

Had to buy a bigger bottle of Giovanni Raspberry Winter body wash,
Great scent, love Giovanni's body wash! 

I have all of Real Techniques brushes, so I had to have theese ones too, I 
must say they are tiny!
  • Mini Foundation Brush
  • Mini Face Brush
  • Mini Shading Brush

I bought Now Foods Crunchy Clusters for the first time and reordered Papaya Spears!
You can get them here!

The Crunchy Clusters is very good! I definitly buy them again!

The Papaya Spears is of course very tastefull, or I would'nt have bought them 
over and over again! :)


I reordered Dr Tung's toothbrush sanitizer! It is very good to have on your toothbrush,
you never have to be thinking of your toothbrush beeing nasty again!

It is great when you are travelling and have you're tootbrush in a bag or something!

I ordered Now Foods Raw Walnuts,yummi,yummi,yummi!!
You can get them here!


I also reorder Now Foods Burdock Root!
They are great for acne skin!
I take them for a 3 months time twice a year, they are really a skin booster!!

I reordered Edwars and Sons Coconut Flakes, I put them in my oat meal bottle
with raspberry milk and fruits! Very good!!

For the first time I ordered some spice from iherb, I have read many great reviews
of Simply Organics spices! I choose All Purpose Seasoning and Curry spice this
time and I cant wait to try theese!!
You can get them all here!


Hope you all have got some ideas from this post!
Remember to use my code WQM822 to get up to 10 off on your first order!

Take care, cause someone always care!

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