torsdag 31. juli 2014

I back from a looooong holliday!

I am back from a looong holliday!
We have travelling in the south and east of Norway and even got a few trips to
Sweden with our new car!
I have missed shopping online even doe I have shopped a lot for over 3 weeks! ;)
But I have already purchased a few things since I've got home and I've already got one item in my mailbox!
Also I have one product that I forgot to write about before I went on holliday,  I will
try to remember to write and post it as soon as possible!

Hope everyone have had an amazing summer like we have had!
Please use my code WQM822 on your first iherb order to get up to 10 off!
And I will see you all very soon! Take care ♥

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