torsdag 5. juni 2014


I must admit that I got a bit disappointed with the smell on theese two!

I love vanilla,but you can hardly notice that it is vanilla in it!
The lavender scent is too much!!
I just have to realize that me and lavender does'nt mix well together!
Its strange because I love lavender oil...
The Giovanni body washproducts is one of the best body wash I have tried!
My skin feels soft and clean and they dont dry out your skin like other body
wash can do! I bought this in travel size,they have bigger size!

I have only tried this as a shampoo and body wash since we dont have a bathtub:(
 As a shampoo this is not good at all, I had to wash my hair again right after, because my hair felt not washed at all!
But as a body wash its very good,my skin got soft and not dried out after!
The scent is not that bad, but I am not sure if I will buy theese again!

All in all, they are good products, if you like those scents!

You can find more Giovanni products here!

Till next time,   
Take care, cause someone cares!

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