lørdag 10. mai 2014

Want some new ideas what to buy next time on iherb ?

I dont know if you have tried superfoods on iherb, I know many people
use superfoods.
I, myself haven't tried superfoods yet!

Here is what it says:
  • Premium, Whole Food-based Nutrition
  • Ingredients Sourced from the United States, Europe and Japan
  • Featuring Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Rapid Zone Dried & Freeze Dried Ingredients
  • Contains Naturally-occurring Phytonutrients
You can click the link below to check out iherb's best selling
superfoods :)
( They are a special price only for a limited time)


Madre Labs SuperFoods

Here are two moisturizing creams,maybe one of them are perfect for
you :) (I have'nt tried them) 
Maybe I will try one of them in the future :)

Moisturizing Creams:
Here is a link to Anti Age Skin Care,it seems they have a lot of goodies :) 
Madre Magic & Sierra Bees

Quality Skin Care:

Azelique Age Refining Skin Care

Here is a description what Azerlique Age Refining Skin Care
can do.

• Reduce Hyperpigmentation, including Age Spots & Skin Darkening, with Clinically
Tested Azelaic Acid (Azeloglicina )
• Reduce & Relax Wrinkles with Clinically Tested Peptides (Argireline & Matrixyl)

• Remove Dead, Dry, Scaly Skin with Mechanical & Chemical (Glycolic Acid) Exfoliation

(Pictures are from iherb.com)

I hope you  find some goodies form theese links,
I am certainly curious about some of theese products :)
Some of them has got very good reviews!

Although I have shopped at iherb for almost two years, I still find  products I didn't know they had there!
 So Maybe  you will find
your favourite products!

Take care and have fun this weekend
See ya ♥

Remember my code if you are new to iherb :)

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