fredag 18. april 2014

My favourites oils ♥

My favourite oils :)
Now Foods has many different essential oils to choose from!
I have tried theese 4 in the picture Jojoba oil , Peppermint oil ,
Myrrh oil and its sad to say the Frankincense oil on this picture
is discontinued on iherb but they have a cheaper one with a
grapeseed blend, not that great, but its ok! You can get it here !

Natures Baby Organics its a massage oil with a mix blend of many
oils, great for massaging :) Mandarin and Coconut scent :)

I blend all the Now essetials oils together and massages my feet because
my muscles are a bit sore and theese beauty's helps alot ♥
If you check the oils on the iherb pages you get more suggestions what to do
with theese oils, they have helped me a lot :)

Stay safe untill next time ♥

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