onsdag 16. april 2014

Iherbhaul ♥

Got from iherb today:
My favourite chocolate Rapunzel with hazelnuts Yummy ♥
Peter Rabbit fruit snacks with Mango, Banana and Orange, you can buy it here
Peter Rabbit fruit snacks with Apple and Grape, you can buy it here

I cant wait to try Bentley Organic Shampoo and conditioner, Shampoo and Conditioner

Citrus Magic has many great products, they smell nice and cleans well :)
here is one, here is one and here is one :)

Crystal Body Deodorant, smells great and I have only tried
it once, but I like it :)

Thai Deodorant has been my favourite for a long time and no smell at all :)
Larabar Mini Bars its very good, great taste, yummi!
Papaya Spears is yummi, great to mix in my oatmeal ♥

See ya very soon ♥


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