onsdag 9. april 2014

Iherb ♥

I shop too much!!!! :D
Another iherbpackage in the mail again ♥

This time I bought Ghee butter (again), Dr Tungs snap on toothbrush sanitizier,  Pureline Oralcare Breath Gel mouthwash,Now food peppermint oil, Peter Rabbit organics 100% pure fruit Strawberry &Banana, Thai deodorant stone roll on, Its something good for everyone in this package :-)

Ghee butter have I wrote about before, very healthy:)

Dr Thung snap on toothbrush cap is great too have on your toothbrush, expecially when you are on the road :)

Pureline Oralcare mouthwash is strange, its not the kind of mouthwash I am use too, but great and easy! Great breathe after using this:)

Now essiential peppermint oil its ok, but not as good scent I was hoping for! I used too buy one here in Norway, that was great scent on, almost like perfume! But they have stopped producing it unfortunately!

Peter Rabbit strawberry and banana fruit snack is delicious, YUMMI♥
I am going to try some more flavours :)
Thai Deodorant I buy to my hubby,he likes it a lot:)

Stay safe till next time
See ya♥


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