fredag 2. mai 2014

Iherb again ♥

Again, iherb ♥

Today I got a brush from ecotools, handsanitizer from EO and a little 
travel bottle from Giovanni :)
The brush its very different then I expected or use too..
They say:
Its dries hair 20% Faster and less heat damage.
Its earth friendly.
Foe beautiful, healthy hair.
Lightweight design
Ideal for all hair types
Smoothing Detangler with unique bristle system quickly smoothes as it
 gently detangles, leaving hair beautifully healthy.
EcoVent design dries hair 20% faster* for less heat damage
Frizz and static-fighting design
Ultra-lightweight for comfort smoothing and styling
Anti-tangle design
Nurtures hair + scalp
You can buy it here:)
I will try the brush tonight after I have taken out my braid:)

EO handsanitizer is HUGE  (960 ml).
Its uncented and it does'nt dry
your hands out 
like most handsanitizer! I like that is not any smell
at all from this product and since I already have tried EO 
handsanitizer with peppermint (which I love), this huge bottle
was no disapoinment :) You can get it here :) Nice price aswell on this 
huge thing :)

Giovanni body wash with raspberry scent is the second
product that I have purchased from Giovanni!
I like this scent very much, fresh hint of raspberry, I cant
wait to use it :) You can get it here :)

Take care and use my code WQM822 for up to 10 off on your first order ♥

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